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"Blossom Sunset"Print AvailableFollow Me On Facebook!stevegoadart.com
Making some decent progress with this one, using ArtRage 4.Follow Me On Facebook!stevegoadart.com
“2 Horses 3 Blankets" is what I’m calling this piece. Anyone familiar with Eva’s background will know that’s what she was worth when sold by her captives. The tattoo on her chin also symbolizes this. Print Available Created in ArtRage 4 with watercolor brushes.Follow Me on Facebook!stevegoadart.com
My artbook has arrived, it was neat to see the quality but I think I will triple the amount of artwork in it to justify the cost. At the moment 30+ paintings doesn’t seem like enough!
Time to start painting!
Work in progress of Eva from hell on wheels. http://www.facebook.com/artofstevegoad
Expanding to Instagram, first time posting! I’ve started working on an “Arrow” painting.
Something I’m working on to contribute to the Hell On Wheels & Then Some group on FB. Eva from Hell On WheelsUsing ArtRage 4 Follow Me On Facebook!stevegoadart.com
I took the initial sketch of Mr. Bean a little further."The Goldfish"Follow Me On Facebook!stevegoadart.com
A friend of mine wanted to do something special for her husband so she hired me to paint her Husband’s racing truck. He was in a race called “The Chupacabra” and she wanted to have a chupacabra somewhere in the painting. (pretty sure you can spot it)Follow Me On Facebook!stevegoadart.com

I think it’s easy to forget that the very gifts we have aren’t really for ourselves. We like to think they are, that they’ll make us famous, wealthy and get us that nice home we’ve been wanting. Sure, they can get us all that stuff and we’ll be the person that has EVERYTHING….and yet NOTHING.

I find it much more rewarding when you touch someone’s life with them. That kind of greatness stays with a person.

My wife Lori asked me to create a painting for a special friend who lost her daughter at a young age. Her song was “Fly To The Angels” by Slaughter, she liked it so much her family had the lyrics put on her gravestone. Lori had an idea that she wanted me to bring to life and yesterday was the day she delivered the painting.

Lori said Shonda(grieving mother) liked it so much she hugged the painting and then her. She said it was the best gift anyone has given her. This makes me happy, that something I created brought a little joy into someone’s life that is going through something I can’t even imagine.

Love and appreciate the people you’re with and who want to be a part of your life, you never know when the last time you’ll see them will be..

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